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Quality products from manufacturers you trust

We're the source you can rely on for the highest quality products, equipment, and complete solutions for water and wastewater treatment facilities. We offer a robust lineup of industry-leading solutions from top manufacturers.

What's even better - our in-house service team has decades of experience servicing equipment of all brands. From planning for a new facility to installation and post-install service, put our expertise to work for you.

Any Sales Training is good? What is so special about Dishah's Training?

Yes, any Sales Training is good. Content has NO big value. To be frank, you don’t even need to pay for Sales Training; best Sales Training content is available for free in YouTube and Google. What is most important about any Training is - The Trainer. Look at it this way - you have a new or experienced Sales Team. They have their own mindset, habits, skills and Belief System. Some are dedicated towards their personal and business growth while others may treat it just as a Job. In fact, most of the Sales People treat Sales as a Job and that is the reason they lack that burning desire and influencing skills to deliver top performance. As a result, they are failing to meet monthly targets and keep their organisation away from massive growth. Now, changing their belief system, habits and mindset is the most critical task about this profession and merely content alone cannot do it. You need a Trainer who can - Connect with them at an emotional level to Influence them. Change People Belief System and make them aim for bigger purpose in their life. Change People Mindset to look Sales as a Bigger Opportunity, a platform to design a better life than merely treating it as a Job. In essence, Sales Team should accept his Authority over Subject Matter and feel driven to follow his teachings. Mr. Amit started his career as Sales Executive, grew to the level of Director in a span of few years. He has been a Salesman all thorughout his career selling various products and services in different situations - Selling for Startup, Corporate, Domestic & International Selling, High Price and Low Price Products, Heavely competitive market etc... He can connect with Sales People at an emotional level, influence them to learn the skills, offer the best skills needed to handle the most difficult customer and finally, bring out their best within couple of days.

What is so unqiue about Dishah's Sales Training Program?

Look at today's Sales Landscape, Sales Challenges and role of Skills in Salesperson life. Majority of your potential customers today are ‘Not Interested’ customers. They will already be using a solution similar to yours even before your team approaches them. Do you think it is easy to shape customers decision and motivate them to switch to bigger and better options? Human Psycology is such that they hate change and will not move away from their existing solutions easily unless a bigger purpose or benefit is shown. This needs serious influencing skills to change his behaviour and shape his decision about your Solution. Sales People should have top notch Sales, Communication and Influencing Skills to engage and convert ‘Not Interested’ customer by shaping their decision. These skills can come from someone who has done it multiple times in his life. Mr. Amit Sharma has been in the role of Sales Executive and grew to the level of Director - Business Development the first time. In the role of Sales Executive, he has successfully sold products & services to all types of Domestic and International Customers. Secondly, he started his own company Dishah Consultants to offer Sales Consulting & Training Services. It started as One-Person-Company’ and he successfully sold services to all types of customers and in all types of situations taking the company from One-Person-Company’ to Top Sales Consulting & Training Organisation in India - as awarded by Consultant Review Magazine, Great Companies & Sales Adda Platform. Because of this reason, he can connect with Sales People at an emotional level, influence them to learn the skills, offer the best skills needed to handle the most difficult customer and finally, bring out their best within couple of days.

Everyone is offering Customised Training?

Yes, everyone offer customisation. Frankly, it is not about Customization, it is about the depth in the Customization that separates one Training Program from Another. Let’s first accept a fact, not every member in the Sales Team is dedicated towards their personal growth and company growth. Interest level varies. Some will learn the concepts and take the pain of going back and start implementing the concepts in their calls, email, social media and in-person interactions while other won’t. In fact, majority of them will not take the pain of tweaking their original approach, emails, call pitch etc… Now, there are two type of Customization in Trainings - 1. Limited to Examples - Example Used related to your Industry or business to teach a concept to your Sales Team. It is good and useful to put things in perspective for your Sales Team but think about the situation - Will every member of your Sales Team will be so dedicated to learn the concepts and then head back to his computer and try to use those concepts in his Sales Pitch, Email Templates, Cold Call Pitch, Sales Process etc…? Nope, majority of your team will not take that kind of Pain. They will simply take training, be motivated and then go back to their regular approach, delivering the Same Performance in next 2-3 months for which they were sent to the Training. And, you don’t want the same kind of performance to be repetaed. Right? Now, let’s take a look at our level of Customization. 2. Dishah’s Customization We study your industry first, your Targeted Customers, their Business Model, your Sales Process, Sales Activities done by your Sales Team, specific Challenges faced by your team, Sales Team current skillset and so on so forth. Thereafter, we customise the entire program to address specific challenges faced by your team. We work out the Sales Pitch for them, Sales Process, all kind of Email, Call and Followup Templates, responses to all kind of Customer Objections, different Sales & Negotiation Situations etc…. Then we move into Training the concepts with right answers, examples & activities and hand over all the materials we have got ready for your team. Now, your team just have to use those materials, follow the approach & process taught and deliver performance. What do you think are the chances that all of your Sales Team members will take interest in doing a task which has been made so simple for them? All of them. Right? Yes, this is the very reason why we are able to drive 70% more conversion for businesses.



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