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Quality products from manufacturers you trust

We're the source you can rely on for the highest quality products, equipment, and complete solutions for water and wastewater treatment facilities. We offer a robust lineup of industry-leading solutions from top manufacturers.

What's even better - our in-house service team has decades of experience servicing equipment of all brands. From planning for a new facility to installation and post-install service, put our expertise to work for you.

Wastewater Clarification & Filtration

Lamella Settlers and DynaSand Filters Clarifiers and Algae Brushes Terriary Filters Deep Bed Filters Clarifiers MBR Chain & Flight, Drives

Headworks (Screens, Grit, Primary Treatment, Washer Compactors)

Grinders, Fine & Coarse Screens, Septage Stations Fine, Multi-Rake, Step and Rotary Drum Screens Vortex Grit Collectors and Grit Classifiers Grit Classifiers, Scum Pipes, Skimmers, Aerated Grit System and Screw Conveyor

Water Clarification & Filtration

Gravity & Pressure Filters, Packaged Systems and Aerators Gravity Filters Flocculators, Plate Settlers, Hoseless Sludge Vacuum, Sludge Removal, Troughs and Baffles Nozzle-Based Filter Systems Chain and Flights Filter Media

Biological Treatment

Oxidation Ditches, Carosell Ditches and Trickling Filters SBR, Biolac and Decanter MBR and Package Plants MBBR Nitrification and BOD Removal Sustainable Treatment


Screw & Chopper Pumps Submersible Mixers High Rate Mixers Floating Aerators

Disinfection & Chemical Feed

Peristaltic Pump and Skids Analyzers, Diaphram Pumps, Peristialtic Pumps and Skids Chemical Injectors High-Rate Chemical Injection Mixers Chlorine Gas Equipment FRP Storage Tanks Scales and Dry Feeders Bulk Handling Equipment Chlorine, OSG

UV Disinfection

Inline UV Channel Style UV

Aeration & Blowers

Coarse and Fine Bubble Floating Brush Aerators Jet Aeration, Removable Grids and Aeration Panels Centrifugal Positive Displacement Turbo Blowers Packages

Biosolids & Dewatering

Belt Press, Centrifuge and GBT Rotary Drum Thickener Screw Press Rapid Class B and Class A Lime Stabilization and Pasteurization Hoppers, Conveyors Gates and Screws Valves

Odor Control

Hydroxyl Radical Treatment Absorbant Media Ionized Air

Fluid Control Gates & Stop Logs

Cast, AL and SS Knife Gates, SS Gates Corrosion Resistant Gates

Water & Sewage Pumps

Dry and Wet Pit Submersible Pumps Screw and Chopper Pumps Submersible, End Suctions and Vertical Turbine Pumps Vertical Turbine Pumps Rotary Lobe Pump Packages, Suction Lifts and Booster Stations

SCADA & Integration and Instrumentation & Monitoring

Flowmeters SCADA, PLC, Integration and Instrumentation Control Panels Flow Monitoring Anlayzers and Controllers Pump Station Telemetry Sensors (Portable and Mounted)

Material Handling

Conveyors, Belt and Screw Lime Slakers and Truck Feed Stations Silos, Loaders and Feeders


CSO Flushing Systems Mixers Grinders


Tanks, Wetwells and Manholes DCBs, Launder Covers, Weirs and Baffles Prefab FRP Buidlings Flumes and Channels Baffle Walls Gravity Sewer pipe